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Washburn Textbooks Pre-Orders and Rentals

Textbook Info

Pre-Orders, Buyback and Rental Policies


Pre-Order Promo Textbook Rentals Textbook Buyback

Ichabod Shop Pre-Order Promo

All textbook orders for Fall semester placed online through Friday, Dec. 17, 2021, will receive a 5% discount on your order. Consignment Rentals (through Pearson or "Rent Pears" and McGraw Hill or "RentMcG") and D2L Access are exempt from the discount.

Pickup in store:
Weekdays: 9 am to 5 pm
Ichabod Shop, Memorial Union (Lower Level)


To Pre-Order, order online:

On your myWashburn, My Courses Tab, Use the "Find Your Books" link under "Classes @ WU",
and start shopping!

Or, click on "Books" -> "Find Your Books" on the menu at the top.
Using your schedule, choose only the books you want.
We track any delayed or back-ordered book for you.
When the book is available, your order is filled.
You are notified that your book has arrived, and your 5% off still applies!

You will not be charged until your books are pulled. 

Any Pre-Order not claimed by the first Friday of classes will be refunded less a $15 restocking fee to the form of payment.

After the first Friday of classes, any web order not claimed one week after processing will be refunded less a $15 restocking fee to the form of payment.


Q: Can I use Financial Aid (Washburn Student Charge) to pay for an online order?

A: Yes!

You will have to have a registered account with to make the payment method available.
Enter your Washburn Student ID# without the "W."

The charge will be sent to the Business Office, added to your student account, and subject to the same payment deadlines as your other fees. Contact Ichabod Shop at (785) 670-1049 for details.

Q: Can I use my iCard (Bod Bucks) for a Pre-Order?

A: Yes!

To use your iCard, just deposit money by credit card, cash or check onto your card.
You can contact the Ichabod Service Center for details at [email protected] or 785-670-1188.
The Business Office will NOT deposit Finanical Aid money to your iCard. 
Contact the Student Service Center with questions.

Q: When am I charged for my books?

A: Your account is not charged until your Pre-Order is filled.

That's when we know if your books are Used or New, and will know exactly how much to charge.
Orders are filled in late July / early August for the Fall term, in December for the Spring term.

Do I need to know my class schedule to place a Pre-Order?

A: Yes.

Q: What if I look up my course and it says:

Textbook requirements have not yet been determined for this course.
You may select this course now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button
and we will process your order as soon as textbook information is received.
If your instructor decides not to require any materials, this course will not be processed. 

 This just means the instructor hasn't yet picked the book, or, hasn't turned in the order for it. 
Ordering online, you can put the Course in your cart anyway, and when he/she decides on a book, the order will be updated automatically.

Q. My order does not show the 5% discount - is there a promo code I need to apply?

If you order by July 17, we will apply the discount at order processing.
Your final charge will differ from the quote shown in your confirmation email. 

Q: What if my schedule changes after I've placed a Pre-Order?

 You can change / update your order up until it is processed.
that's late July for Fall, mid December for Spring.
You can edit it yourself until it is processed.
Just contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at 785-670-1049.

Q. Can I place an Pre-Order for Summer Term?

A: No.

Pre-Orders can only be placed for full semesters, Fall and Spring.
Ichabod Shop accepts and processes summer book orders, but the pre-order discount does not apply.

Want to know more about Pre-Orders and cost-saving programs?
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Textbook Rentals


Rental books cost you less than new or used books.

Ichabod Shop can rent some titles directly to students.
Your savings are approximately 50-60% off a new book price.

Here's how it works:
If you choose to rent your textbook, you will be asked to present your Washburn Student I.D. and to read and sign the Terms of Agreement.
Your rental textbook will be rung up at the listed rental price.
Your payment options remain the same as usual.
At the end of the semester, you return the rental book to the Ichabod Shop by the designated date.
If, for any reason, you do not return a rental book, your Washburn account in the Business Office will be charged the replacement cost of a new book.

What makes a book NOT Returnable?
Any damage to the book (water, mis-use, loose pages), excessive writing, marking or highlighting in the book renders it not rentable.
Return it in a condition that YOU would want to rent or buy.

Rules and important fine print:

  • Textbooks rented to students are the property of the Ichabod Shop and must be returned at the end of each semester by the due date on your contract.
  • Textbooks not returned by due date will result in the student account being charged the full current retail price to replace the book.
  • Each student is responsible for any/all books rented in their name.
  • A current, valid Washburn I.D. is required to rent textbooks.
  • Each student is allowed to rent only one copy of each required textbook for each of their classes.
  • Books should be returned to the Ichabod Shop immediately if a course is dropped, canceled, if you test out, or if your schedule is changed in any way.
  • If an “Incomplete” is recorded for a course, the student has the option to hold onto the book to complete course requirements. The student must contact the Ichabod Shop before the designated book return date to receive special permission. This is the ONLY exception to the designated return date.

Contact Ichabod Shop with questions about the Rental Program.

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Textbook BuyBack

You can sell your books back to us most of the year but you'll get the best deal during the official SellBack period, during the last week (finals week) of the semester.

Here's how it works:

  • Books that will be used again for the upcoming term (already requested by the instructor) will be purchased from you at the best price possible.
  • The earlier during the BuyBack period you sell your books, the more likely you are to get the best price. Only the anticipated quantity needed is offered this price.
  • If the quantity needed for a particular book is met, or the book will not be used next term, the wholesale price will be offered, if one exists. The wholesale price based on national demand and not set by Ichabod Shop.
  • Some books have no resale value and will not be purchased.
  • Books replaced by a new edition cannot be purchased.
  • Damaged books or books in poor condition will not be purchased. This includes any book with any missing pages, broken bindings, water damage or excessive writing.
  • Faculty determine which books are used for classes. Faculty members are responsible for notifying Ichabod Shop of their book selections in a timely fashion. The Ichabod Shop relies on this information to determine your BuyBack price.

How do you figure out what a book is worth at BuyBack?

There are several factors involved and only some of them are determined by Ichabod Shop.

  • Condition of your book
  • Current inventory for the book
  • Demand for the book in the national market
  • Whether a newer edition is available
  • Whether the book will be used next semester
  • Your Custom bundle or package is missing a component
  • Get an estimate of your book's BuyBack value.

Why am I offered different prices for the same book at different times of the year?

  • At times other than official BuyBack, books are typically bought back at the national wholesale value.
  • During BuyBack, the needs of our campus are known. We will pay you more for a book we know will be used next semester.
  • We consider the following when setting those higher prices:
    Estimated enrollment in the course
    Current store inventory of the title
    Previous sales history

Why does my book have no value?
Your book may have no BuyBack value if:

  • It is no longer being used on our campus
  • It has been replaced by a newer edition
  • It is no longer in print
  • It is a custom book that has been revised by the faculty author
  • It has been damaged and is not in resale condition

What do I do with my books if they have no BuyBack value?
You can keep them, or donate them at Ichabod Shop to Bridge to Asia.

  • Send us your books during the dates of official BuyBack to get the best deal.
  • Pack your books and return them through the U.S. Postal Service using the pre-paid return address label you received with your books.
  • Include your name, Washburn ID number and return address.
  • We will determine the BuyBack value of your books and send you a check.
  • Questions? Call 785-670-1049.

Want to know more about BuyBack and cost-saving programs?

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