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Masters Degree Graduates need BOTH the Masters Set (cap, gown, tassel) and the Hood

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Faculty Members: Contact Rhonda Wedel at 785.670.1931 or

Washburn Tech graduates: Contact Washburn Tech for your cap & gown.



What color are the gowns?

Regalia (cap and gown) are black. 
The tassel color is determined by type of degree.
(e.g.Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education)


Q: Do I have to buy a gown?

A: You must have a gown to walk in the ceremony. 
     You need to buy a black gown if you do not have access to one for the ceremony.


Q: How long should the gown be?

A: The length of the gown should be between mid-calf and upper ankle.


Q: I have a Bachelors gown, but I am getting a Masters degree.
     Do I need a new gown?

A: Yes, you do
     Masters gowns differ from Bachelors gowns in style and embellishment. 
     Among other differences, the gown has velvet trim and longer sleeves that extend past the hand.

Q: I am getting my Masters, do I need a hood and a cap?

A: Yes, you need both the hood and the cap.
    The Masters "hood"  is an academic symbol of your degree, and is different from a jacket hood.
    It is worn around your neck and draped on your back.

Q: I know what my major is, how do I know what my "degree" is?

A: To find out what your "degree" is, (a Bachelor of what?)
     check here:


Online FAQ:  

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: Students ordering online are asked to select a size.
    This refers to average t-shirt size.
    Caps / tams are one size fits all.

Q: Why did I receive an e-mail saying that my order was in?

    An automatic confirmation e-mail  is generated when on-line orders are processed. 
    Please note the special instructions for Regalia Orders in your Confirmation e-mail.

   Pick-up dates for Masters Regalia are posted as that information becomes available.
   Generally, these pick up dates are approximately two weeks prior to graduation.

   Law Rental Regalia usually arrives the week before Graduation.

with any graduation or regalia questions.