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Use the BookList to get exactly the books you choose.

Who should use the BookList?
               YOU should!  

If...1) you're paying for your texts with WU Financial Aid
     2) you placed a Pre-Order on a paper form
     3) your books are being paid for by SRS, Voc Rehab,
         VA, or any third party.
Then the WU BookList is for you!

Remember, a BookList is NOT an order, it's a list.
Contact us to complete your order or with any questions.

BookList/WishList Options

Create your Ichabod Shop Washburn  Bookstore
WU BookList  or WishList   
How do I make My BookList?
If you have not yet registered at the site, do so now
and then come back to the Booklist/WishList page.

If you have already registered, Log In
and then come back to the Booklist/WishList page.

 To create your BookList, click
ADD BookList/WishList

Name your BookList something like "Fall 2011 Books"
Make sure to select "public", so Ichabod Shop can access your list.