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SellBack Information - Common Questions

Several Factors determine the price you are offered for your book.
 - The condition of your book
 - The current inventory at the Bookstore
 - Demand for the book in the national Book market
 - A new edition has made an old edition obsolete
 - Custom bundle/package missing a component
 - Instructor not reusing the title the next semester

Why am I offered different prices for my book different times of the year?
When the Bookstore buys books through the semester it is usually at the 
  national wholesale value of the book. During the last two weeks of the semester,
  the value of the book is increased because the needs of the faculty are known,
  creating a demand.
  The number of books bought back at these higher prices is calculated by:
  - Estimated enrollment
  - Current store inventory of the title
  - Previous sales history

Why does my book have no value?
A book can have no SellBack value for one of the following reasons:
  - It is no longer being used on our campus
  - It has been replaced by a newer edition
  - It is no longer in print
  - It is a custom book that has been revised by the faculty author
  - It has been damaged and is not in resellable condition

Online Ordering - Common Questions

What if I cannot find my class listed on the website?
What if it says....
"Textbook requirements have not yet been determined for this course.
You may select this course now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button and we will process your
order as soon as textbook information is received. If your instructor decides not to require
any materials, this course will not be processed. "

This message means that the instructor has not requested any textbooks yet.
Don't buy a book for a similar class, books vary from instructor to instructor.
Check the website again closer to the beginning of classes to check for updates,
or contact your instructor.

Why are used copies shown on the website when they are not
available in the store

We show new and used prices for each textbook because we do not know
how many new or used copies we will receive from our vendors until they
arrive. As the inventory changes rapidly, we try to show what may be on hand.
To increase your chances of getting used copies, place your order early by
placing a Pre-Order. Check Pre-Order info (under "Find your books")
for dates each semester. These orders are processed in the order they are received,
so the earlier you place your order, the better your chances at used books will be.

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