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Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

Became law in 2008

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Pages A9 and A10 have summary for course materials and students)


The purpose is to ensure that students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs and enhancing transparency with respect to selection, purchase, and use of course materials.


Required disclosures needed at the time of class registration for course materials:

  • required or recommended materials
  • ISBN
  • retail price



  • The Ichabod Shop course materials department is the data owner and publisher of course material requirements
  • We are in a unique position: we publish adoption information in a public format that our customers use for comparison shopping with all of our competitors.  Students use that information to purchase anywhere. Even if Ichabod Shop is not considered the best place for purchasing course materials we still need the adoption information for publication.
  • Course material adoptions are requested and responses needed in a time frame for the required and recommended material to be published when our students are able to register for the next semester
  • Advanced Class Registration for SU18/FA18 opens on March 27, Regular Class Registration opens April 19 


  • March1 = Summer semester
  • April 1 = Fall semester
  • Octorber 1 = Spring semester


  • We need your help by submitting adoptions with these dates in mind. The dates have been chosen to give us the time to work with faculty identifying all of the resource choices and limitations available.
  • Adoption dates assist us in identifying textbooks that will be used in the next semester. This gives our students a better chance of being able to sell those textbooks back to Ichabod Shop at a higher rate than other vendors.  That in turn lowers the cost to next semester’s students on those specific materials.  Our buyback dates are always the week of finals for the current semester.
  • A piece of publishing the CM requirements is also informing the students when there are NO TEXT REQUIRED
  • Adoption rates at the university average about 65% of all courses offered.  That is possibly low because when NO TEXT is REQUIRED for a course an adoption is not submitted.  We need that information for publication.
  • We are implementing a new user friendly adoption platform, with visual aspects and reflects the different course material choices and the retail prices for students.


  • Currently we have a couple of departments assisting to work out the kinks for Summer 2018 and welcome any additional volunteers. 


  • We are in the process of setting up training sessions for faculty members or admins that typically submit adoptions. That will be in Feb to early March and we will let you know as soon as that is finalized.
  • This new adoption platform will be used by all departments for Fall 2018 which are due April 1. 


  We invite you to come over and look at the setup us with us in the shop or we would be more than happy to work with multiple submitters in a department in your area.



We look forward to working together with you to increase the adoption rates, having the tools to offer the most cost effective materials required for our students success.








Karen Peterson-Director   ext. 1927

Janet Tenholder-Course Materials Manager  ext. 1925




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