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Parents: Stay in the know with A Parent Advantage ETM!

We know books cost a lot. This email list will provide you up-to-date information on Ichabod Shop events & cost saving programs such as:


Pre-Order Program
The easiest way to get your required books.
The best chance to get Used books.
Fall 2017 Pre-Order Requests will be accepted from April 10 - July 14.
Your student's books will be pulled, packed, charged, and ready to pick up when he/she arrives on campus in August.
And on top of that, you get a 5% discount!

Used Books
By purchasing Used books, your student can save up to 25% off the cost of new books.

Rental Textbooks
Rental books offer incredible savings.
Not all titles are available to rent - rental options will be listed as "New Rental" or "Used Rental" prices online.
To order, simply add your preferred option to your cart.
You will need to provide your student ID number at checkout.

Your student can bring their books into the Bookstore during the last two weeks of the semester
and sell them to us for ca$h.
Books being used the next term are purchased for up to 50% of the current
new book price.
Other books may be valued at wholesale prices.

During end of term BuyBack- Sell your books back to us!
For every ten dollars you get for your books…you also get
an Ichabuck!!
An Ichabuck is worth $1.00 off any $10.00 purchase at
the WU Bookstore.
You can use it any time! Even with
coupons, on sale merchandise, or for textbooks!!
(e.g.: Buy $10 - use
1 Ichabuck. Buy $20 - use 2 ...)

Shop at the store that gives back to WU.
Revenues generated in the Bookstore stay on campus to provide programs and services at your Student Union.

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