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Bottle - Washburn 34 oz
Ferrara glass 34 ounce bottle with hinged stopper features WU Blue Washburn / Ichabod graphic.
Price: $6.49
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Bottle - Washburn CamelBak Chute
CamelBak brand and quality, this water bottle features a half-turn cap which stows in handle for any adventure. Features white Washburn graphic. BPA Free.
Price: $26.00
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Coasters - Ichabod 150 Set of 4
Set of four stone coasters with cork backing. Two feature WU 150 logo, two feature walking Ichabod image.Sturdy metal storage display stand included. Approx. 4" square.
Price: $24.00
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Glass - Pub Pint WU Bottom
Classic clear pub pint glass features Washburn university logo in blue on one side, WU Athletic W logo at bottom of the glass.
Price: $6.50
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Jar - WU Mini
Shot jar is a miniature glass jar with hinged lid. Features Washburn Athletic W logo in WU Blue. approx. 1 1/2" diameter at base, 3 1/2" tall.
Price: $9.00
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Key Ring / Beverage Opener
WU Blue key ring doubles as a handy beverage opener. Features Washburn Athletic W logo. Approx. 2" diameter.
Price: $9.00
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Koozie - Washburn
Keep your drink cold and your fingers warm with your official Washburn koozie. Athletic W logo.
Price: $5.00
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Mug - Ceramic Shot Glass
Mini ceramic light blue shot glass features navy Ichabod logo.
Price: $6.00
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Mug - Ombre Ichabod
Ceramic mug in ombre navy and light blue features white Ichabod graphics and grip handle.
Price: $14.00
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Mug - Riviera Bistro Ichabods
Ceramic navy mug features Ichabods graphic with Washburn logo and grip handle.
Price: $8.00
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