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Tee - Home Is Where The Ichabod Is
Classic crew neck mint green tee features a bowtie graphic with Ichabods inside and features "Home is where the Ichabod Is" graphic below. 100% Cotton. Made in Honduras.
Price: $14.00
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Tee - Home of the Bods
Mint green classic crew neck tee features Washburn Ichabods bowtie graphic on the left front breast and Home of the Bods bowtie logo on the back. 100% Cotton. Made in Mexico.
Price: $18.00
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Tee - Ichabods with Mascot
Classic crew neck tee features Ichabods Arch print and Ichabods graphic. Preshrunk 100% Cotton. Made in Honduras.
Price: $9.00
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Tee - Ladies LS Mock Spirit Jersey
Ladies longsleeve tee resembles the popular Spirit Jersey style, with oversized bodice and Washburn graphic on back shoulder. 100% Cotton. Made in Pakistan.
Price: $21.00
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Tee - Retro Miami Washburn
Classic crew neck tee features Bods and Washburn cursive lettering graphic in a classic retro look! For mint green, please select the "TURQUOISE" option. Made in Nicaragua.
Price: $12.00
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